Julio Jones Hires Divers After He Lost $100,000 Diamond Earring

Julio Jones Hires Divers After He Lost $100,000 Diamond Earring

A jump group plunged beneath the surface of Lake Lanier on a rescue mission. They weren’t hunting down somebody – yet something.

“I’m preparing to jump for a jewel ring – a precious stone stud,” Bobby Griffin said.

The self-depicted “Scubaman” of Lake Lanier, Griffin was on a mission alongside rescue jumper Richard Pickering to reveal somewhat of a fortune – however quite recently relinquished at the base of this man-made lake. A gem dealer and companion of Julio Jones paid the jump group $500 to have them endeavor to discover it.

“Better believe it, it was justified regardless of a smidgen,” Jones said.

The superstar of the Atlanta Falcons lost his diamond earring while fly skiing. That was the point at which he obviously hit a pontoon wake and was hurled into the water. He returned up, yet his stud, worth more than $100,000 didn’t. He presumes that it’s presently some place at the base of the lake – around 65 feet underneath.

At the base, it’s totally dim.

“Pitch dim, which I was fairly shocked at,” Griffin said.

It’s likewise loaded with trees that haven’t seen light since the 1950s.

“They cut the trees off and let every one of the appendages tumble down,” Pickering included.

The main expectation is that the jumpers’ lights may get a gleam off the jewel – not a simple approach to discover such a little thing.

“It’s down in precipices and alcoves and corners,” Pickering said. “It’s inconceivable – completely outlandish.”

Afterward, Pickering gave an exceptionally point by point allegory for what this pursuit resembled:

“Drive not far off in your auto at 70 MPH. At that point take your hoop out and toss it into the forested areas amidst the night, and you don’t know where it lands. At that point it is 45 degrees outside and you just have a thin coat to secure yourself. At that point go endeavor to discover it with a little blaze light that lone sparkles a couple of feet, best case scenario.

Presently include 75 feet of water over your head. In the solidifying frosty water. What’s more, a foggy veil so you just get the chance to look before you. Add residue and mud to restrict perceivability to under one foot. At that point find each tree, stick and angling line down there. What’s more, you have a constrained measure of time with air in your scuba tank – so you just get 15 minutes to finish the errand.

Get the photo? Not a simple errand!”

The jumpers at last rose from the water flat broke. There was no catch today for Julio Jones however he said he’s quite recently upbeat nobody was harmed when he fell.

“For whatever length of time that I’m great, it’s materialistic stuff,” he said. “You can simply recover that sort of stuff.”

Or, then again stunningly better – supplant it with a Super Bowl ring this season.

“Without a doubt,” Jones said.

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