Newly Bought Ferrari Crash in 60 Minutes on M1 in Barnsley

Newly Bought Ferrari Crash in 60 Minutes on M1 in Barnsley

A driver has barely gotten away after disastrously smashing his £200,000 Ferrari – only a hour after he purchased the extravagance engine.

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia spun off the M1 close intersection 37 in South Yorkshire and flew into the air, before blasting into blazes and consummation in a bent wreck 50 meters down a bank in a field.

The driver, who has not been named by police, lost control of the auto in wet conditions. He rose up out of the disaster area with just cuts and wounds.

Police portrayed the man’s destiny as a “supernatural occurrence escape”.

In an announcement on Facebook, police said they solicited the driver what kind from auto he had. He answered: “It was a Ferrari.”

“I’ve just barely got it, lifted it up a hour back,” he included.

In a similar post South Yorkshire Police reminded drivers to take mind on the streets, clarifying that as of late “driving styles have not mirrored the street and climate conditions”.

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