Barcelona Festival: Thousands were evacuated during fire

Thousands were evacuated from Barcelona festival during the fireBarcelona festival

More than 22,000 fans were emptied after a fire ejected in front of an audience at the Tomorrowland music Festival in Spain, specialists said.

No wounds were accounted for as participants fled the show zone close Barcelona late Saturday night, the city’s fire authorities said in an announcement.

“As of now, the fire is absolutely terminated albeit exceptionally hot ranges remain and the whole get together structure is in danger of crumbling,” the announcement said.

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The fire was caused by a specialized breakdown, as per a post on the Tomorrowland site.

“Specialists will development and proceed with the examination with the neighborhood Spanish coordinator,” the post said.

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The music celebration happens in various areas at the same time, with the fundamental stage situated in Belgium.

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Tomorrowland facilitated its first occasion in 2005 and has developed in prevalence since. In 2013, tickets for the occasion sold out in one moment.

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