Trump Tweet-Rages after John McCain kills Obamacare skinny repeal

Trump Tweet-Rages after John McCain kills Obamacare skinny repealDonald Trump and John McCain

President Donald Trump, who is having a terrible week, tweet-seethed about the passing of Trumpcare’s most recent cycle on the Senate floor at around 1:30 AM today.

Sen. John McCain, who flew back for the vote in the wake of being determined to have cerebrum tumor, managed the last hit to the purported skinny repeal, strolling on to the floor, turning his thumb down, and saying “No.” Gasps were heard in the lobby; McCain strolled off.

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His no vote was added to those of GOP Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and all Dems. Skinny Repeal was viewed as the Senate’s Last Best Stab as passing something to get Obamacare slaughtered.

The overnight voting had required a basic greater part.

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McCain’s no vote astounded a few, given that he had quite recently conveyed to Trump the choosing vote in giving verbal confrontation a chance to advance. He changed his tune due to concerns the House would pass it as well, as seems to be. McCain disliked the bill.

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Trump’s Friday morning dissatisfaction tops a lousy week for the White House. Before McCain’s sensational vote:

  • The Boy Scouts issued a conciliatory sentiment for Trump’s discourse at its National Jamboree.

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  • The military said it won’t actualize Trump’s new transgender strategy, declared by means of Twitter.

  • The Hill responded with shock over Trump assaults of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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  • His new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci upstaged him in a wild meeting with New Yorker.

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