UFC 214 results: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier confronted again

UFC 214 results: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier confronted againJon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

UFC Light Heavyweight rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier conflicted by and by the previous evening (July 29, 2017) at UFC 214 inside Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Jones had a considerable measure to demonstrate the previous evening. His ability and capacity in the confine were certain, however might they be able to hold up under the heaviness of all his show? Sooner or later, consuming the flame from the two finishes needs to have some kind of negative impact, however Jones was determined to demonstrating that day distant. Maybe nobody was more persuaded than Daniel Cormier heading into UFC 214.

Beside their own hard feelings, Cormier’s place in blended hand to hand fighting (MMA) history generally rotated around his sessions with Jones, and Cormier did not have any desire to end his profession without smacking “Bones” around.

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The warriors held up roughly zero seconds to start trading. Jones handled a few kicks, however an uppercut from Cormier shot Jones’ mouthpiece over the Octagon. The two kept trading unconcerned, yet neither one of the mans could pick up the early preferred standpoint.

Cormier constrained, while Jones stepped back and let go with kicks. Jones landed great shots from his back foot, bunches of crosses from the two positions and knees up the center. In the interim, Cormier simply continued progressing, tossing mixes and assaulting the lead leg.

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In the last moment, Cormier tore some huge mixes that appeared to hurt his rival, convey a nearby round to an end.

“Bones” opened the second round with a progression of hits to the body, yet Cormier returned fire with some decent low kicks. Jones furnished a proportional payback minutes after the fact. Jones adhered to his methodology, circumnavigating and picking his minute to plant and fire to the body.

In the mean time, Cormier fell far from the low kicks a bit, however he connected on some punching mixes as Jones surrounded away. At a certain point, Cormier nailed a foot clear, however Jones demonstrated his splendor to maintain a strategic distance from the subsequent front headlock.

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At the end of the day, it was a greatly close round.

The battle backed off a bit yet took after a similar example. Jones’ cross to the body continued landing, however Cormier kept on forcing his rival.

All of a sudden, Jones’ shin associated with Cormier’s skull, and “DC” lurched away. Cormier attempted his best to recoup, yet Jones bounced on him with genuine viciousness.

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Strolling his adversary down, Jones stumbled his rival and simply continued punching.

In the long run, Cormier disintegrated along the fence, and Jones lingered over him with monstrous punches.

It was all finished in a moment.

There’s very little to say in regards to Jones other than that he’s the best. Against an inconceivable rival with a brilliant strategy, Jones adhered to the content. He continued attempting to separate Cormier and stop his weight, and that inevitably set up a home for a photo consummate high kick.

There were shades of Alistair Overeem in Jones’ execution the previous evening. He hovered to the two bearings from the two positions continually, and his capacity to plant and fire a hard cross was on point. He’ll never hit very as hard as “The Reem,” however every other piece of his amusement is a hoisted rendition, as Jones is more successful on both offense and particularly protection.

Since Jones is back, a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson appears to be likely. So, he called out Brock Lesnar, which would absolutely be slick.

It’s hard not to feel for Cormier. He battled truly well, controlling his feelings and putting the weight on Jones. Up until the high kick, Cormier was finding the hardest and most huge shots of the battle. He was up two adjusts on my scorecard, and keeping in mind that it effortlessly could have been even rather, Cormier was battling substantially more astute than the underlying battle.

It’s a disgrace for him that Jon Jones is so damn great.

The previous evening at UFC 214, Jon Jones came back to catch the title with a fierce knockout win. What is next for the unsurpassed awesome?

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