13 Year Old Teen Bitten By Shark At Sea Pines Beach Club, South Carolina

13 Year Old Teen Bitten By Shark At Sea Pines Beach Club, South Carolina

A 13-year-old kid is Hilton Head’s fourth affirmed shark chomp casualty this late spring, the Island Packet detailed.

Linton Suttle, 13, was swimming close Sea Pines Beach Club on Thursday when he was bit by what was likely a blacktip or sharpnose shark.

A Google look from Linton’s dad indicated pictures from late instances of shark nibbles on Hilton Head Island. The pictures seemed to be like Linton’s nibble so they chose to contact the Florida Program for Shark Research, which affirmed it was a shark chomp.

A 10-year-old Kentucky kid was chomped by a shark while swimming at Sea Pines Beach on July 28. Two high schooler young ladies were chomped by sharks while swimming on Hilton Head prior in the mid year.

On June 18, a 14-year-old from Ohio was pulled off a boogie board and chomped on the leg in two places by a shark in shallow waters off Burkes Beach. Furthermore, after three days, a 16-year-old from Indiana was nibbled by a shark while swimming off South Forest Beach in shallow water, six miles south of where Readnour was assaulted.

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