2 Babysitters Arrested After Child Putting Inside The Fridge and Posted Online in Danvers

2 Babysitters Arrested After Child Putting Inside The Fridge and Posted Online in Danvers

Two underage young ladies were captured in Massachusetts this week after video surfaced of them putting a crying child in a cooler while they were looking after children.

Video presented on Snapchat demonstrates the young ladies chuckling as one of them puts the crying infant in the fridge before she shuts the entryway totally and says “bye.”

The child stays in the ice chest for a couple of moments until the point that one of the youngsters opens the entryway and expels the shouting baby.

The tyke was unharmed, as per police.

The baby’s mom told neighborhood offshoot WCVB she had asked her niece and her niece’s companion to watch the 7-month-old for a couple of minutes while she cleaned up.

“I was frightened. I was in stun. I’m damaged from that. I don’t need anybody close to my kid any longer,” the youngster’s mom, who was recognized as Bonnie.

“Children do inept things. She didn’t – I know she wouldn’t hurt my little girl and that wasn’t her aims. I think it was all absurdity, ineptitude,” Bonnie proceeded. “I’m more glad that my kid is fit as a fiddle.”

The two young ladies were accused of youngster risk, threatening behavior with a risky weapon.

“You live, you learn and this is a lesson my niece will figure out how to be watchful who you leave your kids with. you can’t put stock in anybody, not even your own particular family,” said Bonnie.

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