Alabama Mom Jena Willingham 31, Back To School Pics Goes Viral Online

Alabama Mom Jena Willingham 31, Back To School Pics Viral Goes Online

See you later, suckers.

Alabama mother Jena Willingham turned into a viral sensation over night in the wake of sharing a photograph of her child has returned to-class send off.

In the photo, presented on her Facebook page, Willingham can be seen relaxing on a pool glide with a drink close by. Her youngsters are standing adjacent wearing knapsacks and naturally sad articulations.

The mother of three told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer having a void house without precedent for years motivated her fun photograph shoot, which occurred Sunday evening.

“This is the first run through in 11 years that I have not had a child at home and that is one reason I did it,” she said.

Willingham’s children, who are in pre-K, second and 6th grade individually, all go to Beulah Elementary School.

Concerning what this current mother’s doing with her freshly discovered available time, Willingham told the daily paper she’s been caught up with looking after children.

“I haven’t been in the pool,” she said. “I have been watching my niece.”

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