Brooklyn bar claims Kendall Jenner cheat bartender

Brooklyn bar claims Kendall Jenner cheat bartenderKendall Jenner

Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right is claiming Kendall Jenner, 21, did not leave a bartender a tip.

As per the general population at Baby’s All Right, the 21-year-old model neglected to leave a tip when she went to out celebrating at the Williamsburg hotspot.

In spite of the fact that the foundation didn’t really get out the Kendall Jenner, they shared a photograph of a receipt marked by one “Kendall N. Jenner” for a $24 charge on Instagram. (For the record: Jenner’s center name is Nicole.)

“Don’t forget to tip your bartender,” the bar inscribed alongside a probably uninvolved forceful smiley confront.

While it’s as yet unsubstantiated if the Visa holder being referred to is the truth star, web sleuths call attention to the course of events fits as Kendall was spotted going to a show in New York City Thursday and her reputed sweetheart, A$AP Rocky, performed at a collection discharge party at Baby’s All Right that night.

The following morning, she was captured getting a flight away at the John F. Kennedy Airport. Figure that bar won’t get their cash now.

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