Flooding in Houston: Please Don’t Come Outside The Home

Flooding in Houston Please Don't Come Outside The Home

Overwhelming precipitation activated across the board streak flooding in parts of the Houston metro zone early Tuesday, transforming streets into streams and undermining homes.

Hardest hit was the western portion of Harris County, where water overwhelmed vehicles in a few subdivisions and debilitated to enter homes in Bear Creek.

Harris County Flood Control District meteorologist Jeff Lindner asked occupants from the west rural areas of Katy to Jersey Village to stay goes 4×4 romping amid the Tuesday morning surge, until the point that far reaching street flooding could die down.

Extends of Beltway 8, Interstate 45, the West Sam Houston Tollway and the Hardy Toll Road were accounted for to have high water early Tuesday morning, as indicated by Houston TranStar.

It shows up a similar upper-level unsettling influence – known as a mesoscale convective vortex – brought forth from a complex of electrical storms that activated flooding in San Antonio Monday morning likewise served to trigger the overwhelming precipitation in Houston only 24 hours after the fact.

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