Google Update Android New Version is Oreo

Google Update Android New Version is Oreo

After months of waiting (and an unusual octopus Easter egg), Google at long last reported that the following variant of Android — beforehand known as Android O — will authoritatively be passing by the name of Android Oreo.

The utilization of a current brand bodes well for Google. There aren’t a huge amount of good “O” dessert sustenances out there, and Oreos are basically as all around darling as a treat can be. There’s likewise point of reference for the organization, as Google had beforehand collaborated with Nestlé and Hershey’s to call Android 4.4 KitKat.

Google additionally flaunted the official statue for the new Android OS, as it does with each new form. Today at a press occasion in New York City, which corresponded with the aggregate sun powered overshadowing in the United States, Google revealed a superhuman themed statue of an Android Oreo mascot wearing a cape.

Alongside the name, Google additionally declared that Android Oreo is accessible today by means of Google’s Android Open Source Project. OTA rollout is relied upon to arrive first to Pixel and Nexus gadgets, with constructs as of now in bearer testing.

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