HBO Hack: No new material surfaces, despite the threat of a leak on Sunday

HBO Hack: No new material surfaces, despite the threat of a leak on SundayHBO

Regardless of giving nonstop dangers of releasing more HBO material on Sunday, the hacker or hackers behind the current HBO break did not discharge any new material.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, in an email implied to be from the hackers behind the break, said the guaranteed holes would be postponed “due to some new purchasers.”

The email proceeded with, “Some of HBO’s best rivals are consulting with us for purchasing the landfill. The arrangements are close to close. Poor HBO never rise again.

It is vague if the creator of the email is engaged with the hack, however it began from a similar record, which said there would be released this Sunday.

The system has been scrambling to contain the aftermath in the wake of finding a month ago that it was the casualty of a sizeable information rupture.

The hackers guaranteed to have 1.5 terabytes in their ownership. HBO first recognized that its frameworks had been bargained in a July 29 email to its 2,500 or more representatives, trailed by a moment email the following day that cautioned staff to maintain a strategic distance from hazardous email practices.

It is as yet misty if the programmers’ claim of having 1.5 terabytes of information is valid.

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