High School Teen Charged in Charlottesville Beating

High School Teen Charged in Charlottesville Beating

A 18-year-old needed in association with an attack amid a Charlottesville, Virginia, racial oppressor occasion prior this month is presently in a correctional facility in Cincinnati.

Daniel Patrick Borden was captured Friday and was set up for the Hamilton County Justice Center, where he is being held for the Charlottesville Police Department.

He is accused in Virginia of malevolent injuring, Charlottesville police reported in a news discharge. The charges are associated with an Aug. 12 exasperated strike in the 500 piece of East Market Street in Charlottesville, police said.

Investigators are proceeding with the examination concerning the vehicle assault that prompted one passing and wounds, some extreme, to 35 individuals, police said.

Assault presume James Alex Fields Jr., whose latest address was in northwestern Ohio, is accused of second-degree kill, five tallies of malevolent injuring, three checks of irritated noxious injuring and one tally of lawful offense attempt at manslaughter.

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