Holocaust Survivor ‘Yisrael Kristal’ World’s Oldest Man Dead At Age of 113

Holocaust Survivor 'Yisrael Kristal' World’s Oldest Man Dead At Age of 113

Israeli media are announcing that the world’s most seasoned man, who survived both world wars and survived the Holocaust, has passed on a month shy of his 114th birthday celebration.

Ynet on Saturday cited Israel Kristal’s little girl as saying her dad passed on Friday. Shula Kupershtuch says: “He generally observed just light and great in everything.”

Guinness World Records granted Kristal an authentication as the world’s most established man a year ago.

Kristal was conceived in Poland. Amid World War II he was sent to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps. His first spouse and two kids were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

Kristal survived the war – the main survivor of his vast Jewish family.

He remarried and moved to Israel in 1950, where he assembled a family and a confectionary business.

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