Local Rapper Yung Mazi Shot and Dead At Pizza Shop in Atlanta

Local Rapper Yung Mazi Shot and Dead At Pizza Shop in Atlanta

The companions of a neighborhood rapper who shot and executed before an eatery, are currently requesting equity.

Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes was at the scene Monday evening as manslaughter specialists came back to glance around for pieces of information in the shooting.

The shooting occurred around 8 p.m. Sunday evening outside a pizza eatery on Hosea Williams Drive in southeast Atlanta.

The casualty has been recognized as Jibril Abdur-Rahman, 31. Companions are stating he’s nearby rapper Yung Mazi.

“I just got shot up again around 3 more circumstances. I’ve been shot 10 times,” Mazi said in a meeting posted on the web, months before the shooting that killed him Sunday night.

Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes addressed a dear companion of his on the telephone Monday who said Yung Mazi was endeavoring to turn his life around.

The companion revealed to Fernandes that Mazi had a major heart and cherished his family.

In December, Channel 2 Action News cameras were there after somebody shot Mazi at a nearby Waffle House.

Rest easy Mazi 🙏🏾

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After that shooting he posted a message on Twitter saying “God made me impenetrable.”

“We must be exceptionally perceptive of what we say,” group dissident Antong Lucky said.

Fortunate disclosed to Fernandes that he heard the casualty’s music months before he was killed and the brutality he discussed eventually ended his life.

Fortunate said he’s shooting a narrative on murders in Atlanta, so he needed to put this one in his piece.

“I think this was a decent sibling who simply needed to deal with his children and discover an exit plan and this is the thing that society introduced to him as out,” Lucky said.

Fernandes addressed Mazi’s sibling and sister Monday. They requested protection as they lament their kin.

They additionally said Mazi had a major heart and that family was everything to him.

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