Missouri High School Removes 2 Gay Students From Yearbook Quotes Without Warning

Missouri High School Removes Gay Students From Yearbook Quotes Without Warning

Two openly gay seniors at a Missouri secondary school were stunned to find that their yearbook cites were evacuated for being “hostile”— despite the fact that they were simply festivities of their character, The Washington Post reports.

“Obviously I dress well. I didn’t invest all that energy in the storage room to no end,” said Joey Slivinski’s quote.

“On the off chance that ‘Harry Potter showed us anything, it’s that nobody ought to need to live in the storage room,” said Thomas Swartz’s quote.

In any case, when both got their yearbooks, they were stunned to find that their quotes had been supplanted with clear spaces under their names, with no notice.

The school was worried that these quotes could “possibly insult” different understudies, KCTV-5 detailed.

“With an end goal to secure our understudies, cites that could possibly affront another understudy or gatherings of understudies are not distributed. It is the school’s training to blunder in favor of alert,” said an announcement by Kearny School District.

“Doing as such for this situation had the unexpected result of culpable the very understudies the training was intended to secure. We earnestly apologize to those understudies,” the announcement proceeded. “We recognize our slip-up and will utilize it as a learning chance to enhance later on.”

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