No Winner For Powerball Jackpot, Now Price is $650M

No Winner For Powerball Jackpot, Now Price is $650M

Powerball officials say there was no excellent prize champ in the most recent drawing, which means one of the country’s biggest lottery bonanzas will keep developing.

Maura McCann of the New Hampshire Lottery says no ticket coordinated every one of the six numbers following Saturday night’s drawing. The triumphant numbers are: 17, 19, 39, 43, 68 and Powerball 13.

The new big stake for Wednesday’s drawing is $650 million, which would be the third-biggest big stake in U.S. history.

The prize has developed so vast on the grounds that nobody has coordinated each of the six balls in over two months, so the big stake has developed after each drawing.

The chances of winning the goliath prize is one of every 292.2 million.

Powerball is played in Minnesota, 43 different states and in addition Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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