Shocking revealed Aaron Carter is GAY

Shocking revealed Aaron Carter is GAYAaron Carter

Singer Aaron Carter coming out as Bisexual while everyone’s tweeting “aaron carter is gay”.

Aaron Carter is not embarrassed; he simply needs to come clean about his identity.

On Saturday night, the 29-year-old artist shared a noteworthy Twitter post about his sexuality with his fans.

The long letter started, “To begin off, I might want to state that I adore every single ONE of my fans.

There’s something I’d jump at the chance to state that I feel is vital for myself and my character that has been weighing on my chest for almost 50% of my life.

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This doesn’t bring me disgrace, only a weight and weight I have clutched for quite a while that I might want lifted off me.”

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The vocalist, whose acclaimed sibling Nick Carter is an individual from the Backstreet Boys, proceeded with, “I experienced childhood in this media outlet at an extremely youthful age and when I was around 13-years of age I began to discover young men and young ladies appealing.”

Aaron was arrest on July 15 in Georgia on doubt of driving impaired and pot ownership. When he was captured, his sweetheart, Madison Parker, was riding traveler in the auto and was likewise arrested for asserted pot related offenses. Aaron was discharged in the wake of posting safeguard for $4,610.

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The artist has come back to the phase since his capture a month ago. Aaron’s rep already told E! News, “The visit is proceeding with, which everybody is extremely cheerful about.”

Fans, as expected, have been overwhelmingly supportive.

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