Six Flags Amusement Park Change With Confederate Flag

Six Flags Amusement Park Change With Confederate Flag

The Six Flags Over Texas amusement stop has switched their choice to fly the Confederate States of America signal in plain view over the recreation center passageway.

In an announcement discharged Friday, a recreation center rep disclosed their decison to expel the disputable banner, after first choosing it would remain.

“At Six Flags Over Texas we endeavor each and every day to make individuals cheerful and to make a fun, exciting and safe family cordial experience for our visitors. We generally concentrate on praising the things that join us versus those that separation us. All things considered, we have changed the banner shows in our stop to highlight American banners,” said Sharon Parker, Manager of Communications for Six Flags Over Texas.

The Arlington amusement stop was named for the six banners that have flown over the territory of Texas in its history, the Confederate banner being one of them. Stop authorities already revealed to TMZ they saw a basic contrast between the banner they fly and the Confederate Battle Flag.

They asserted that racial oppressors and neo-Nazis received the Battle hail, not the first Confederate banner they have at the recreation center. However the two banners flew amid the Civil War.

The principal official banner of the Confederacy was utilized as a part of 1861, yet was excessively comparative, making it impossible to the Union Stars and Stripes signal, which caused perplexity on the combat zone, as per Britannica. So Confederate officers appealed to for another banner, which prompted the Confederate Battle Flag most know about today, known as the “Southern Cross” plan.

Notwithstanding the full history related with the Confederate banner, Six Flags already remained behind the choice to keep it in plain view, saying they trust their supporters “are sufficiently clever to know the distinction,” TMZ reports.

The recreation center’s choice comes after a “Join the Right” neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., transformed destructive when an auto slammed into a horde of counter-nonconformists, slaughtering one lady and harming somewhere in the range of 19 other individuals.

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