Texas Man Arrest After Trying To Plant Bomb Near Hermann Park Confederate Statue

Texas Man Arrest After Trying To Plant Bomb Near Hermann Park Confederate Statue

A Texas man has been captured and charged after professedly attempting to plant a bomb on a Confederate statue at a Houston stop, experts said Monday.

Andrew Cecil Schneck, 25, was accused of endeavoring to vindictively harm or decimate property getting government money related help, elected prosecutors declared.

A recreation center officer doing a normal watch of the territory around Hermann Park on Saturday discovered Schneck bowing in the brambles close to the statue of Richard Dowling, a leader in the Confederate armed force.

The officer “watched Schneck to be holding two little boxes with different things inside,” including “what seemed, by all accounts, to be conduit tape and wires,” a criminal protest says. Schneck, who majored in science at Austin College, was additionally found with a restrain containing fluid made of mixes utilized as explosives.

At the point when asked by the officer whether he needed to hurt the Dowling statue, Schneck answered that he didn’t “care for that person,” as per the criminal protestation.

Schneck’s legal counselor, Philip Hilder, declined to remark on Monday.

Schneck was accused in 2014 of dishonorably putting away unstable material. He confessed to the wrongdoing government charge and was condemned to five years probation and $159,000 in compensation. A large portion of the archives all things considered were fixed. His probation, which banned him for having contact with explosives, was finished early a year ago.

The capture comes in the midst of a seething national level headed discussion over the expulsion of Confederate landmarks from open spots following the white patriot savagery in Charlottesville, Virginia, prior this month.

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