Woman Share Snapchat Video of Herself Being Raped By Man in Ohio, Police Arrest Him

Woman Share Snapchat Video of Herself Being Raped By Man in Ohio, Police Arrest Him

An Ohio lady shared recordings of her conceivable assault on Snapchat, driving experts to capture a 77-year-old suspect.

James Allen of Marblehead was accused of assaulting a 20-year-old lady after experts looked into the recordings demonstrating the rape occurring in his home, Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler told the Daily News Wednesday.

Police reacted to the home to direct a welfare keep an eye on the lady Tuesday evening. Allen opened the entryway and escorted officers to a room where they found the casualty alcoholic however fine, the boss said.

Cops at that point left the home subsequent to discovering nothing suspicious between them. However, a companion from Texas who saw the two Snapchat recordings delineating the occurrence detailed them to Danbury Township police, provoking cops to come back to the home and capture Allen.

“That individual made the best choice,” Meisler said.

He said the video unmistakably demonstrates Allen giving the lady liquor, and that she was debilitated amid the recordings. Allen conceded having intercourse with the casualty, the boss said.

It’s vague if the lady planned to share the recordings, yet experts say the recording was useful amid the examination.

“It’s clearly awful, yet in any event it enabled us to put a stop to the circumstance and make a brisk capture for this situation,” Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten told the Toledo Blade.

Allen was being held in district imprison on a $1 million bond Wednesday.

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