11 Year Old Teenager and His Family Dead in Volcanic Field in Italy

11 Year Old Teenager and His Family Dead in Volcanic Field in Italy

A 11-year-old kid kicked the bucket after he fell into a volcanic pit in Italy and his folks likewise passed on when they attempted to enable him, to police said.

The episode happened Tuesday at the Solfatara Crater in Pozzuoli, a prominent vacation spot close Naples.

Naples police revealed to CNN the group of four was going by from Turin, and the 11-year-old kid meandered into a region that is beyond reach to guests.

The Solfatara, a torpid spring of gushing lava, discharges sulfurous vapor. The zone around it is known for a kind of a sand trap, which makes the ground temperamental.

It’s not known whether the kid lost cognizance as a result of the exhaust or if the sand trap pulled him in. However, when his folks attempted to hurry to his safeguard, they too were sucked in, police said.

Another kid, 7, survived.

“I’ve been here for a long time and such a mischance has never happened,” Armando Guerriero, proprietor of a bar situated close to the passage to the spring of gushing lava, told the ANSA news office.

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