2 Arrest For Trying To Steal A Light Pole After Hurricane Irma

2 Arrest For Trying To Steal A Light Pole After Hurricane Irma

Sheriff’s authorities in Florida say two men are blamed for attempting to take a $2,500 utility shaft days after Hurricane Irma caused extreme flooding in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s authorities say 42-year-old Blake Lee Waller and 46-year-old Victor Walter Apeler were captured on terrific burglary charges Wednesday after somebody detailed seeing them stack the post onto a games utility vehicle.

A police report says an officer saw a light shaft missing from a range over a scaffold and afterward recognized a vehicle driving with the post to finish everything. He ceased the vehicle and captured the men.

The report says Apeler told specialists he was moving the shaft since it was on the ground so near movement paths. A database seek discovered Apeler had 72 scrap metal-related exchanges for reusing since January.

A photo of the shirtless men sitting cuffed on the walkway rapidly drew consideration on the sheriff’s office Twitter channel.

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