26 Year Old Katie Layne Quackenbush Charge of Shoot Homeless Man in Nashville

26 Year Old Katie Layne Quackenbush Charge of Shoot Homeless Man in Nashville

A lady charged Monday night in the endeavored killing of a vagrant had discharged two cautioning shots, her dad stated, after the man had undermined to hurt her.

Katie Layne Quackenbush, 26, has been accused of endeavored kill for the Aug. 26 shooting of 54-year-old Gerald Melton, who remains hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with basic wounds.

She was set up for imprison around 6 p.m. Monday and given a $25,000 bond.

Metro police criminologists say that Melton was “attempting to think about the walkway” around 3 a.m. close to 901 nineteenth Ave. South close Music Row when he “wound up plainly exasperates by debilitate exhaust and boisterous music originating from a Porsche SUV,” as per a news discharge.

Melton allegedly solicited Quackenbush, the driver from the Porsche, to move the vehicle. The two at that point started hollering at each other.

Police say that after Melton strolled back to where he had been endeavoring to rest, Quackenbush escaped her vehicle with a weapon and the contention proceeded. She professedly discharged two shots at Melton, who was injured in the mid-region.

Melton revealed that the shooter got once again into the Porsche and left the scene.

Jesse Quackenbush, Katie’s dad, recounts the narrative of the shooting in an unexpected way.

A lawyer in Texas, Jesse said his little girl and her companion were being hailed by Melton, whom he charged drew nearer the Porsche as the ladies sat inside, undermining to execute them and making unequivocal and sexist comments at Quackenbush.

“She didn’t attempt and kill this person,” Jesse Quackenbush said Monday night, a couple of hours after his little girl was captured on the charge. “She had no expectation of slaughtering him. She didn’t realize that she hit him.”

Katie Quackenbush, a single parent to a 5-year-old kid, had driven a companion back to her auto when the ladies apparently observed Melton irritating other ladies in the road close-by, Jesse said.

Melton at that point moved toward Quackenbush and her companion in the vehicle.

“He comes up to their window and begins shouting in their window different dangers, and something about turning their music down and that he couldn’t rest,” Jesse said.

After the man left, Katie Quackenbush escaped her auto to escort her companion to a vehicle stopped close by. She snatched her firearm and put a magazine inside.

Melton supposedly started strolling toward her once more, Jesse stated, at which time his little girl revealed to Melton she had a firearm.

She discharged two “cautioning shots” and afterward left, in light of the fact that Melton supposedly kept on moving toward the ladies.

“She said she shut her eyes when she shot the two times, however they were notices, and she thought she pointed far from him,” Jesse reviewed.

The ladies left, choosing to go to an eatery and return later to convey the traveler to her vehicle.

When they restored, Quackenbush’s companion’s auto was encompassed by wrongdoing scene tape.

Jesse said his little girl got a lawyer and in the long run handed herself over for addressing by police.

He keeps up she was wrongfully charged in light of the fact that she was protecting herself from Melton.

“She has a child,” Jesse Quackenbush said. “She’s never done anything like this in her life. She had an onlooker in the front seat.”

Metro police weren’t quickly accessible for input late Monday night with respect to assertions that Melton had debilitated Quackenbush’s life.

She is booked to show up in court Oct. 6.

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