3 Year Old Baby Found in Concrete Structure At Wichita, Kansas

3 Year Old Baby Found in Concrete Structure At Wichita, Kansas

The remaining parts of a 3-year-old kid were discovered this end of the week in a solid structure inside a house in Kansas, KWCH reports.

Police said they were called to the scene Saturday after the property proprietor grumbled of a smell from the solid structure.

Authorities later found the remaining parts inside that structure.

“It was a green covering, yet you can see it was a container, in the event that you would. Overwhelming – seemed as though, you prefer not to state it, however a little pine box since it was the extent of a baby bed. Heavy. Took a forklift to get it out,” neighbor Fernando Ruiz said.

It’s misty how or when the youngster died.

Two individuals who dwelled in the house were captured a week ago regarding a youngster care case and are being held in the Sedgwick County Jail.

State authorities said one of those captured is associated with a 3-year-old who disappeared back in July.

Police have not said if that’s the child found dead.

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