4 Arrest For Dead 2 Young Girls in Norwood

4 Arrest For Dead 2 Young Girls in Norwood

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office has distinguished the four individuals captured Friday following the disclosure of two expired young ladies on a homestead property south of Norwood.

A fifth suspect, Nashika Bramble, is still on the loose. She was most recently seen bumming a ride in the Norwood territory Wednesday morning. Police are requesting general society’s assistance in finding her.

The four individuals captured — 23-year-old Frederick A. Blair of Norwood, 37-year-old Madani Ceus from Haiti, 50-year-old Nathan Yah from Haiti, and 53-year-old Ika Eden from Jamaica — have been at first accused of Felony Child Abuse Causing Death.

“In my 37 years as sheriff I have never considered anything to be coldblooded and unfeeling as this,” San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters said of the episode.

Experts found the assemblages of the young ladies about twelve Friday. It’s trusted they had been dead for around two weeks, as indicated by San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office representative Susan Lilly. They were in the vicinity of five and 10 years old.

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office is driving the manslaughter examination with help from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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