Al Sharpton’s Daughter Ashley Sharpton Arrest After Brawl With Cab Driver

Al Sharpton's Daughter Ashley Sharpton Arrest After Brawl With Cab Driver

The cabbie who Al Sharpton’s girl supposedly assaulted the evening of her 30th birthday celebration is so shaken up from the trial he separated in tears outside his Bronx home Saturday.

Ashley Sharpton “swung at my face and wound up punching me in the chest,” the troubled cabbie, Georges Coly, only revealed to The Post as destroys welled in his eyes outside his Clason Point flat.

The hack halted to get Sharpton and her companions just before 1 am outside a club on West 46th Street and eleventh Avenue, when she and five companions attempted to crush inside.

“I said ‘No, lone four individuals’ and they contended with me about it,” said Coly, who drives an impede available minivan with just four seats. “They were giving me trouble.”

At the point when two individuals left the auto, they “pummeled the entryway and gave me state of mind,” he said.

Sharpton and her buds guided him to go to an address close Central Park North, yet when Coly got to West 48th Street, the revelers gave him more “disposition,” he said.

“So I just requesting that they take another taxi and they declined to leave,” he said.

Sharpton at that point grabbed his keys out of the start and began “shaking [them] in my face saying, ‘I have the keys, I’m not leaving,'” Coly reviewed.

The frantic cabbie solicited one from her companions to talk some detect into her, however rather she began leaving.

“I took after her for over a square asking for my keys back and I needed to venture before her and ask,” Coly reviewed. That is the point at which “she swung at my face and wound up punching me in the chest.”

“I don’t have your keys,” she supposedly spat before later conceding she throwed them.

Coly called the police who captured Sharpton around 3 a.m. on West 45th Street and accused her of insignificant robbery.

Sharpton would not remark on the episode. Her legal counselor, Michael Hardy, said “What was accounted for did not occur.”

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