Car Hits 3 Pedestrians Near New York’s Pennsylvania Station

Car Hits 3 Pedestrians Near New York's Pennsylvania Station

A noteworthy transportation vein in New York City was tossed into confusion amid the night surge hour when a driver in a van hit three people on foot close Penn Station on Friday evening, specialists said.

The three casualties were brought to Bellevue Hospital with non-dangerous wounds, a NYPD representative told Patch. The driver stayed on scene and was being addressed by experts, police said.

Seventh Avenue was closed off between 31st Street and 30th Street, where the red van stayed amidst the street. Many spectators remained outside of Madison Square Garden viewing the crisis reaction.

“Here’s the principle entrance where each goes to the Long island Railroad so there was a divider [of people],” Bobby Brown, an observer to the crash, told Patch, alluding to the passage on Seventh Avenue and 31st Street. “So he goes directly through the light, did not stop, went full speed.”

Darker added:”As soon as he got down to the following red light there was a squad car there, so he couldn’t get past there. So he was swerving to get around alternate autos.”

Military staff were spotted on scene, and helicopters were circumnavigating overhead.

“I didn’t see them get hit yet I heard ‘blast’ and saw individuals running over,” Bangly Wageh told Patch. “The primary individual hit wasn’t moving. The other two I saw them moving their hands and arms. I trust they’re OK.”

The decades-old station administrations six tram lines alongside Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit trains. The center point is now congested with travelers, particularly at top travel times, and Friday’s episode just exacerbated the situation there.

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