Dad Commits Suicide After 2 Year Old Child Accidentally Shoots Himself

Dad Commits Suicide After 2 Year Old Child Accidentally Shoots Himself

One disaster drove promptly to another in a South Carolina home this week when cops say a little child’s coincidental demise drove his stricken father to, thusly, execute himself.

Columbia police trust 2-year-old Kyree Myers found a stacked weapon in his home on Wednesday before inadvertanlty shooting himself in the head.

His mom, who was home at the time, called 911 to report the occurrence.

At the point when officers arrived, they discovered 38-year-old Keon Myers undermining to hurt himself after the youngster’s extreme damage, as per a police proclamation.

Officers say they made a few rehashed charges for Myers to drop the weapon.

Mr. Keon was found at the scene with a self-dispensed firearm shot injury, likewise to the head.

EMS transported both shooting casualties to a neighborhood doctor’s facility where they were articulated perished.

“Our hearts are substantial at the enormous death toll. We have casualty advocates doled out to the case to help the family amid this troublesome time. This experience has additionally been candidly striving for reacting officers.

They will take an interest in a questioning to talk about the episode and get further help as required,” Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said in an announcement.

“Catastrophe has struck the Myers family as all of you may know.. This was sudden and has left an enormous weight on them. No gift is too huge or too little… We should keep on uplifting them in our petitions… Much thanks to you such a great amount for your gift,” the page peruses.

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