Day Care Employee Charged With Abusing Boy in Snapchat Video

Day Care Employee Charged With Abusing Boy in Snapchat Video

Two child care workers have transformed themselves into police after examiners said they were associated with criticizing a tyke with a mental imbalance in an episode recorded on video, reports CBS subsidiary WTSP.

In the video, which was first presented on the online networking stage Snapchat, two ladies who police accept are 26-year-old Kadericca Smith and 19-year-old Alexis Henderson can be seen snickering at the 8-year-old kid inside Our Children’s Academy, in Winter Haven, Florida.

“Chicken, chicken, chicken,” one lady can be heard saying, as the kid turns out from stowing away under a work area.

Afterward, one of the ladies is seen holding the kid’s arms previously clearly swiping his legs from under him.

Police were first made mindful of this on Sept. 1 and say in an underlying meeting, the two ladies “felt they were acting fittingly” and did nothing incorrectly. At the time, police hadn’t squeezed charges on the grounds that the Florida Department of Children and Families was all the while researching.

Warrants were later issued for the ladies’ capture, and they allegedly handed themselves over Friday.

Henderson is accused of tyke disregard and Smith faces charges of youngster manhandle and battery. Henderson got bond in the wake of being set up for imprison, however Smith is being held with bond.

Smith faces charges of kid mishandle and battery.

Police say the school instantly terminated the two ladies following the occurrence. Both additionally had pieces put on their affirmations so they can’t be utilized by other childcare offices.

The 8-year-old did not require restorative consideration.

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