Driver Hassan Mahhmood Admits Harassing Jemima Khan

Driver Hassan Mahhmood Admits Harassing Jemima Khan

Hassan Mahhmood, 27, is said to have gotten the 43-year-old columnist’s telephone number when she booked a ride through the Hailo application.

His counselor, Umar Ali, said Mahhmood was a “major fan” of Khan due to her marriage to his saint, Pakistan cricket legend Imran Khan.

Khan, who is the little girl recently very rich person business visionary Sir James Goldsmith and the sister of MP Zac Goldsmith, consented to a photo with Mahhmood after he grabbed her and companions from a jazz club on 16 June 2016, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Mahhmood at that point started a year-long crusade of badgering, utilizing 18 distinctive cell phones to send 203 instant messages, make 1,182 telephone calls and send “heaps of” WhatsApp messages.

Prosecutor Ruxana Nasser said the cab driver told Khan, who is likewise known by her original surname, Goldsmith, that he “cherished her”, “needed to know her” and asked her “why he couldn’t be companions with her”.

The prosecutor stated: “He was completely fixated on her and needed to meet her to the degree the last two instant messages in July 2017 comprise of him needing to come and visit her.

“The dread of that incited her to go to police following a while of bearing the anxiety he put her through.

“It was her sheer graciousness of not revealing him in the principal occurrence.”

Mahhmood, from Waltham Forest, upper east London, confessed to a charge of badgering without brutality between 16 June a year ago and 18 July this year.

Be that as it may, he denied the more genuine allegation of stalking Khan which was permitted to lie on document.

Khan said in a casualty articulation: “The occurrence has made me unimaginably on edge on occasion. I would be home alone and he would call me a few times and content more than once late during the evening.

“Once in a while he would send writings saying he would go to my home. That truly scared me.”

In a further articulation, she included: “I feel greatly powerless and terrified as a solitary lady. Accordingly I’m wanting to move house.

“He appears to have turned out to be progressively flimsy and flighty. I’m stressed over what he will do.”

The court heard Mahhmood had no past feelings yet the prosecutor said he ought to be condemned on the premise of his “tireless bugging conduct”.

His safeguard advodate said none of the messages had been of an undermining nature.

Mahhmood’s marriage destitute down amid the badgering effort and he has been stripped of his Hackney Carriage permit, his advodate said.

Judge Martin Edmunds QC dismissed condemning to 26 October and revealed to Mahhmood he would require pre-sentence reports to discover what was behind his “fanatical conduct” and that he could confront imprison.

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