European Union Brexit boss puts pressure on Theresa May on the eve of Florence’s speech

European Union Brexit boss puts pressure on Theresa May on the eve of Florence's speechImage Credit: Daily Express

The European Union’s Brexit bosses today piled weight on Theresa May the day preceding she conveys a significant discourse on the future connection between the UK and the EU in Florence.

Michel Barnier, the European Union’s central mediator, today told the Italian Parliament in Rome that he couldn’t comprehend where there was still “real vulnerability” over the English positions on the issues of the Irish outskirt, natives’ rights and the purported Brexit Bill of up to 100 billion euros.

“I’m asking why – past the advance we’ve made on specific focuses – there is still today significant vulnerability on each of the key issues of the primary stage,” he said.

The EU boss’ call was deciphered by some in Germany as significance the Commission would be tolerant in surveying the status for the single money of the for the most part previous socialist and poorer eastern European nations like Bulgaria or Romania.

The European Commission President likewise said he needed all part states to participate in an European barrier union and indicated that more choices would be taken by qualified greater part votes, including on touchy ranges, for example, impose.

Mr Juncker needs Europe to have a solitary president albeit most nations decided that out very quickly.

Germany’s media has been especially blistering of Mr Juncker’s discourse with the persuasive focus right newpaper Hotdog Allgemeine Zeitung blaming him for endeavoring to make a super-alliance by undermining part states and introducing an almighty president.

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