Kevin Hart’s sex tape partner did a pole, but just for fun

Kevin Hart's sex tape partner did a pole, but just for funImage Credit:

Kevin Hart’s sex tape accomplice has huge stripper moves … furthermore, she’s even equipped with an official permit to strip.

Montia Sabbag appeared some truly noteworthy shaft activity at The Golden Banana strip club in Boston, where she bartended in the vicinity of 2011 and 2013.

We’re told the video was shot twilight and was only for snickers.

Montia said in her news meeting Wednesday with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, she’s not a stripper.

Turns out, she has an official grown-up stimulation permit in Nevada, which gives her the privilege to work in any way in a strip joint.

So on the off chance that she needed to work the post for something other than fun, she could.

Gotta say … she could bring home the bacon.

As we announced … Montia denies any association in the coercion plot against Kevin … despite the fact that we’re revealed to her first legal counselor asked for many thousands from his group to take a lie indicator test.

Her new attorneynsays her customer is currently going to cops to help get the genuine culprits.

With respect to Montia and stripping … she says it ain’t her. Unquestionably could be, however, to the extent the territory of Nevada’s concerned.

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