M3 Motorway Closed Due To Dangerous Material Found By Bomb Disposal Team

M3 Motorway Closed Due To Dangerous Material Found By Bomb Disposal Team

A huge number of drivers have been stranded on the M3 for a few hours after police shut an area of the motorway in the two headings and brought in a bomb transfer group.

Hampshire police said the street was shut in view of a potential perilous material episode, and the bomb transfer group was attempting to build up precisely what the material was. Nobody had been harmed.

Police prompted drivers to discover elective courses after they shut the motorway between intersections nine and 11 at Winchester at 4am, compelling a great many drivers to redirect.

Officers were working close by the Hampshire fire and protect benefit and the unstable arms transfer group, the police said in an announcement.

“The street is as yet shut right now, and we will attempt to get the material cleared at the earliest opportunity. Much obliged to you for your understanding, and please watch out for our web-based social networking channels for additionally refreshes.”

Witnesses said half backs expanded a few miles and Southampton football club cautioned fans going to the Premier League apparatus against Manchester United to evade the zone.

Interstates England said the motorway would stay shut for a few hours, with movement likewise developing on diversionary streets.

Individuals stuck on the motorway took video film of a few drivers driving the wrong path down the hard shoulder to get off the M3, a movement offense that routinely conveys a fine.

Jenna Keating, 31, from Windsor, stated: “There are loads of individuals stranded here, individuals have out of their autos to extend their legs and things, however some are simply turning round and backpedaling down the hard shoulder.

“We really addressed police about this to see whether this was something we could do in the conditions and they said in no way, shape or form. They likewise said the deferral had been great publicized, albeit none of the four of us in the auto saw anything until the point that we were in it.”

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