BREAKING: Magnitude 7.1 earthquake near central Mexico

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake near central MexicoImage Credit:

A noteworthy quake has hit the Mexico on the anniversary of the magnitude 8.0 1985 earthquake. The AP is detailing that no less than 42 are dead. Mexico City Airport after 7.1 earthquake, all flights on hold or redirecting.

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck the central Mexican province of Puebla on Tuesday evening, leveling structures as far away as the capital, around 75 miles away.

There were no quick reports of wounds.

Preparatory reports put the epicenter 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) east-upper east of San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles (55 km) south-southwest of the city of Puebla, as indicated by the US Geological Survey.

Pictures via web-based networking media and witness accounts affirmed the shake crumbled structures.

The earthquake struck at a profundity of around 33 miles (51 km).

“Anything underneath 70 kilometers is viewed as a shallow shudder,” CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said.

“It’s very nearly a crazy ride, where you think, stunning, this is somewhat cool. In any case, at that point out of the blue, you’re similar to this isn’t cool in any way,” he said.

He looked outside and saw helicopters, and consuming structures and fallen structures. “At that point you understand … this is no moonlight trip for anyone.”

President Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted, “I have assembled a conference for the National Emergency Committee to assess the circumstance and to organize any activities. Plan MX has been actuated.”

The pioneer said he was “on (a) flight to Oaxaca. I quickly will come back to Mexico City to address the circumstance caused by the earthquake.”

The earthquake comes 32 years after a magnitude-8.0 earthquake hit on September 19, 1985, murdering an expected 9,500 individuals in and around Mexico City.

It comes more one week after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck off the southern shore of the nation, slaughtering no less than 61 individuals.


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