Man Arrest After Shooting Inside Wendy’s Restaurant, Teen Dead

Man Arrest After Shooting Inside Wendy's Restaurant, Teen Dead

Police in Virginia have captured a man regarding a deadly shooting inside a fast-food eatery.

Ruler George County Police said in an announcement early Tuesday morning that 27-year-old Jules Moultrie Jr. III is accused of first-degree kill in the demise of a Richmond man.

The shooting happened Monday evening at a Wendy’s eatery situated in a travel focus around 30 miles south of Richmond. Police say the shooter opened fire close to entering the eatery, striking 19-year-old Coron Bond, and after that fled.

Bond was articulated dead at the scene.

Police say Moultrie was captured early Tuesday morning without occurrence. He was being held without bond, and it wasn’t quickly certain on the off chance that he has a lawyer who could talk for his sake.

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