Michael Bennett Accused Las Vegas Police of Excessive Force

Michael Bennett Accused Las Vegas Police of Excessive Force

Seattle Seahawks guarded end Michael Bennett guaranteed, through an online networking post, that he was racially profiled and the casualty of exorbitant power by officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department following the bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on Aug. 26.

Bennett said he has enlisted Oakland social equality lawyer John Burris to investigate “every single lawful alternative.”

Bennett tweeted a letter on Wednesday portraying the asserted episode close by, “uniformity.”

USA TODAY Sports has connected with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for input. The LVMPD tweeted an announcement on Wednesday evening, saying the Bennett case is under scrutiny. The tweet incorporated a line to “hold judgment.”

Bennett guaranteed that after the battle, he was coming back to his inn when he heard what seemed like shots, so he went along with others in running for cover.

Bennett stated: “A cop requested me to get on the ground. As I laid on the ground, conforming to his requests to not move, he set his firearm close to my head and cautioned me that in the event that I moved he would blow my (interjection) take off. Startled and befuddled by what was occurring, a moment officer came over and powerfully stuck his knee into my back, making it troublesome for me to relax. They at that point secured the cuffs on my wrist so tight that my fingers went numb.

“The officers’ intemperate utilization of power was excruciating. I felt defenseless as I lay there on the ground bound confronting the genuine risk of being murdered.”

Bennett, following the lead of Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 challenge, has been sitting amid the national song of praise this season to spotlight racial foul play. He said that after the Las Vegas cops affirmed his character, he was given up without a clarification.

“I sit amid the national song of devotion since equity doesn’t live in this nation, and regardless of how much cash you influence, what to work title you have, or the amount you live, when you are (directed by the shade of your skin), you will be dealt with that way,” Bennett wrote.

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