Pennsylvania Man Charged of Shooting His Ex-Girlfriend’s Mom

Pennsylvania Man Charged of Shooting His Ex-Girlfriend's Mom

Experts say a Pennsylvania man blamed for shooting his ex’s mom, telling his previous sweetheart that he needed her to “feel my agony,” has been discovered dead.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan says 30-year-old Gregory Feldman took his own life Monday night in the parking garage of a comfort store, hours after specialists posted a reward for his catch.

The Montgomery County head prosecutor’s office had declared a $1,000 compensate for data prompting the misgiving of Feldman.

Police say Feldman shot his ex’s 48-year-old mother in the chest and neck after she dismissed him from their Limerick Township home on Friday. The ex told an investigator that Feldman later addressed her on the telephone, advising her “I needed you to feel my agony.”

Her mom is relied upon to survive.

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