Police Taking Cash From Hot Dog Vendor, Officer Now Under Investigation

Police Taking Cash From Hot Dog Vendor, Officer Now Under Investigation

It’s the sort of film nobody should savor.

A UC Berkeley graduated class caught a strange experience amongst police and a frank merchant outside a football game this end of the week that has since collected more than 11 million perspectives.

Utilizing his cellphone, Martin Flores got the minute that University of California Police Officer Sean Aranas transparently removed money from the man’s wallet, refering to that he was working without an allow.

“That is wrong,” Flores can be heard saying from behind the camera.

“We’ll take it to a judge and the judge can choose whether or not it’s privilege,” Aranas reacts.

“You’re going to take his well deserved cash?” Flores asks, still not releasing the issue.

“Yes,” says Aranas.

Police revealed to KTVU that the man’s cash was set up for confirm after he was issued a reference.

As indicated by Flores, there were other individuals offering things outside the amusement and in addition participants straightforwardly savoring liquor open who were being overlooked by law implementation.

The UCPD neglected to react to a Daily News ask for input, particularly in the matter of whether the seller, distinguished just as “Juan,” was the main individual ticketed Saturday.

In the interim, more than 11,000 individuals have marked a request of requiring Aranas’ evacuation as of Monday morning.

UC Berkeley Police told KTVU the incident is under investigation.

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