Prince George: Thomas’s London Day Schools Security check up after a woman was arrested

Prince George: Thomas's London Day Schools Security check up after a woman was arrestedPrince George: Thomas's London Day Schools

Security game plans at Prince George’s new school will be assessed following a 40-year-old woman was captured on doubt of endeavored thievery.

Scotland Yard said the lady was hung on Wednesday after somebody accessed Thomas’ Battersea School in west London on Tuesday at 14:15 BST.

Police are “working with the school… to audit its security courses of action” following the capture, the Met said.

The lady stays in authority at a south London police headquarters.

A Met representative said officers had “went to instantly after the issue became visible”.

“Police are a piece of the defensive security courses of action for the Prince and we will keep on working intimately with the school, which is in charge of building security on its site,” they said.

The four-year-old sovereign began at the £18,000-a-year private academy on 7 September.

It teaches 560 young men and young ladies matured from four to 13, with around 20 understudies in each class.

George was at school on Tuesday yet it is thought improbable he was there at the season of the break-in.

Kensington Palace said it was “mindful of the issue yet we would not remark facilitate on safety efforts”.

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