Sheriff’s Office Says Solvang Woman Kidnapped By Ex Boyfriend

Sheriff's Office Says Solvang Woman Kidnapped By Ex Boyfriend

A man considered outfitted and unsafe hijacked his ex after she acquired a controlling request against him, specialists said.

Joseph Hetzel, 52, seized Virginia Paris, 55, when she exited work in Solvang on Friday night and took off in her dark Chrysler, as per the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday, the two ceased at a Starbucks in suburbia of Phoenix, where Paris told a female client she required help, as per the sheriff’s office.

Be that as it may, Hetzel detected the cooperation, dragged her out and constrained her again into the auto before the lady could react.

Paris figured out how to toss her auto enlistment out the auto entryway when Hetzel drove off, and the archive was later found by police.

The two were most recently seen on a reconnaissance camera looking at of the Grand Canyon Inn in Valle, Arizona on Monday morning.

Police, who trust Hetzel might be made a beeline for Las Vegas, issued an open request for the two, saying they are “profoundly worried” for Paris’ wellbeing.

The Chrysler has a California permit number of 7NG3514.

Hetzel, who is portrayed as 6 feet 2 inches and 195 pounds with dark colored hair and hazel eyes, had been indicted ownership of things used to make hazardous gadgets, and utilizing touchy gadgets with the aim to threaten, the sheriff’s office said.

He has additionally served time for a “local occurrence”.

Anybody with data should contact 911, or the sheriff’s unknown hotline 805-681-4171.

The FBI is assisting with the investigation.

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