Stacey Flounders EX of Adam Johnson returned to office

Stacey Flounders EX of Adam Johnson returned to office workImage Credit:

Stacey Flounders, the ex-girlfriend of disgraced footballer Adam Johnson, has put the WAG life behind her and came back to office work.

The 27-year-old mum-of-one was spotted making a beeline for her activity in Sunderland, dressed intelligently in a white shirt and dark cigarette pants.

The previous air lady is working for an IT firm and her new activity will place her in contact with loads of expert players.

She conveyed a dark Yves Saint Laurent satchel and wore a couple of dim glasses that surrounded her pretty face.

Stacey walked unquestionably to work on a couple of dark spiked foot rear areas, landing in her new pearl-shaded Mercedes-Benz.

She needed to restore Adam’s Range Rover to the footballer’s father when she moved out of their home upon their split.

It’s thinking Stacey’s new activity, which she began seven days prior, will give her the shot of coming into contact with proficient footballers once a day, as she’ll be working in the customer connections group.

Things are searching up for the youthful mum now, after Johnson was imprisoned for sexual action with a 15-year-old youngster.

While Stacey remained by him amid his police examination, the combine split after he was sent to jail, and Stacey, alongside girl Ayla, moved out of their £1.7million family home.

In the interim, Johnson is professedly lessened to tears every day as detainees serenade “attacker” when he leaves his cell.

The previous England and Sunderland winger is said to be among the most despised detainees at HM Moorland and is subjected to football-style melodies about his sex wrongdoings.

Johnson is serving a six-year sentence at jail after he conceded prepping and sexual movement with a 15-year-old young lady.

His life inside jail is said to have changed significantly after he was subtly shot kidding with detainees about his schoolgirl casualty.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday none of the detainees now need to be related with Johnson as a posse of “truly intense prisoners” have taken against him.

The source stated: “Johnson can’t go anyplace without a theme of, ‘Attacker, attacker, attacker’ emitting.

“It happens each time he leaves his cell, when he’s getting his nourishment and notwithstanding when he’s endeavoring to play football.

“The detainees have embraced serenades from the patios with Johnson as the purpose of assault.”

The daily paper revealed Johnson is accepting guiding and should go to sessions with other sex wrongdoers in the event that he would like to get parole.

In April, it developed Johnson kidded with detainees that he wished he had assaulted his casualty .

The sickening comments were made inside the pantry at Moorland as Johnson was secretively recorded.

One detainee asked him: “To what extent you got, six years int ya?, at that point includes: “dislike you f***ing assaulted her or owt like that.”

To which the sportsman is heard giggling and after that says: “No, I wish I f***ing improved the situation six year.”

Prior this month, a football specialist with experience of managing Premier League players said Johnson had “no possibility” of playing for a best flight club when he is discharged.

The operator, who wishes to stay unknown stated: “No club in the Premier League will touch him now.

“The probability is he will never play top-level football again, not in the UK at any rate. Possibly a lower level title club or alliance one may however I question it.

“Patrons are extremely watchful, that is the reason no enormous name clubs who depend on sponsorship will even take a gander at him now.”

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