Star Wars Rebels New Trailer and Release Date

Star Wars Rebels New Trailer and Release DateStar Wars Rebels

Lucasfilm has Released another trailer for the fourth and last period of Star Wars Rebels, alongside a Release date: October sixteenth, 2017.

The new trailer flaunts a lot to anticipate: space fights between the Empire and Rebels, the Imperial control of Mandalore, the acquaintance of X-Wings with the Alliance, and obviously, Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Noghri professional killer, Rukh.

There’s some significant associations with a year ago’s independent film, Rogue One: Saw Gerrera likewise shows up, featuring a portion of the divisions between his agitator cell and the bigger Rebel Alliance.

There’s different associations too: we see some Deathtroopers and Grand Moff Tarkin, while Director Krennic is said alongside the Death Star’s code name, Stardust.

Lucasfilm declared that Season 4 would be the last one for the show amid the current year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, prodding that the show would go out on a high note. The primary trailer featured Ezra’s voyage, and flaunted a few associations with The Clone Wars and Rogue One.

Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels debuts on October sixteenth.

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