A student going to jailed for wrong rape case against taxi driver

A student going to jailed for wrong rape case against taxi driverSophie Pointon was 16 months jailed for wrong rape case against taxi driver

A criminology student who longed for turning into a cop has been jailed after she made up a false rape case against a taxi driver.

Sophie Pointon, 22, told the horrible lie when the driver declined to acknowledge a kebab-splashed tenner.

Poniton told cops that she had been sexually struck in the back of the taxicab she had been grabbed in following a night out in Leeds downtown area.

She rang the cops in the early hours of April 22 this year then proceeded with the double dealing by marking an announcement giving a record of the assault.

Leeds Crown Court heard the driver, a father-of-five, was found and kept in care for six hours.

He was additionally unfit to labor for a month because of the claim.

Kate Bisset, arraigning, said the driver was met and said he could review Pointon being “amazingly tanked” when she got into his auto holding a kebab.

He said Pointon tossed a £10 pound note at him when they came to the Hyde Park territory however he declined to acknowledge it as it was shrouded in oil from the kebab.

The driver said Pointon at that point wound up plainly damaging and circled the auto opening entryways.

The prosecutor stated: “He didn’t consider much it at the time in light of the fact that such episode with individuals who are inebriated are not unordinary.”

A chronicle of a discussion between the driver and a telephone administrator at his taxi office upheld his record.

The court heard a GPS tracker fitted to the auto additionally uncovered Pointon’s portrayal of the taxi trip to be false.

Pointon separated in tears and inquired as to whether she could drop the charges when her record was tested by police.

She conceded to distorting equity. Denise Breen-Lawton, moderating, said Pointon, of Corkland Road, Manchester, had been examining in Leeds at the time.

She said her expectations of turning into a cop were presently destroyed. She was jailed for 16 months.

Judge Christopher Batty advised her: “Your malignant grievance has done an enormous damage to those looking for equity through the police and courts.”

The driver portrayed in an announcement how the false assertion had made him experience the ill effects of stress.

Source: mirror.co.uk

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