Tiger Killed Was Shot Down Near I-75 North in Henry County

Tiger Killed Was Shot Down Near I-75 North in Henry County

A tiger was shot down after it propelled on a territory inhabitant’s canine in Henry County.

Experts got no less than two 911 calls from individuals who recognized the huge feline close to the slope from I-75 North to Jodeco Road and almost a home in the territory, Henry police Capt. Joey Smith said.

Officers later recognized the tiger and alarmed creature control authorities.

“Shockingly, it bounced a fence and pursued a puppy back behind one of the living arrangements here,” Smith said. “What’s more, the officers needed to utilize some power to put the tiger down.”

The tiger has died.

“It was sufficiently substantial to be of incredible worry to us,” Smith said.

Officers aren’t equiped with sedatives and went over the Bengal tiger before creature control experts arrived, Smith said.

Brittney Speck, who claims the canine in the occurrence, said she woke up to high pillars and different lights flashed on by officers in the region.

“My canine was additionally going insane in the terrace,” Speck said.

When she went to her back window to mind her Dachshund named Journey, she saw the tiger in her neighbor’s yard at the edge closest her yard and called 911.

Before long, the tiger hopped on her puppy, Speck said.

“Furthermore, the officers I figure just began terminating rounds and brought it down and after that gave me my puppy back,” Speck said.

The puppy is OK.

Bit said she’s appreciative her 3-year-old, 4-year-old and 7-year-old youngsters weren’t outside at the time.

“It resembled a full-developed zoo tiger,” Speck said.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources and creature control authorities have expelled the tiger from the scene.

It is hazy how it wound up in the local location.

Suvannee Brownlee, a Hardee’s fast food representative, said she pulled in for work around 4 a.m. at the point when a man revealed to her he detected a tiger.

Before long, a few squad cars took after, and officers advised her to close entryways and remain inside.

“I was stunned,” Brownlee said.

No movement delays came about because of the occurrence.

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