2 Kings Bay Sailors Found Dead Apart At Kings Bay Home

2 Kings Bay Sailors Found Dead Apart At Kings Bay Home

Police in south Georgia are exploring after two U.S. Naval force mariners were discovered dead at a home four days separated.

The assortment of Brian Jarrell, 25, was discovered facedown in the back room of the Kingsland home on Oct. 12. Jarrell’s significant other told examiners that he had left a birthday party for his girl at Disney World the day preceding and had not been seen since.

After four days, police were called to a similar home and found Ty Bell lying lethargic on the lounge chair with a white, frothy substance leaving his nose.

The two mariners were articulated dead at the scene and a reason for death has not been discharged for either man. ABC detailed that both were suspected to have endured medicate overdoses.

The Navy has affirmed that both Jarrell and Bell were on dynamic obligation at Kings Bay Submarine Base.

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