2 NYPD Officer Accused With Rape 18 Year Old Teen in Police Van

2 NYPD Officer Accused With Rape 18 Year Old Teen in Police Van

After listening to evidence for a week, a New York excellent jury has charged two officers in the New York Police Department with the main degree assault of a 18-year old lady.

As per The New York Post, officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are affirmed to have confined the casualty on September 15 for ownership of weed and a hostile to nervousness sedate.

The officers purportedly bound the casualty and drove her to a close-by Brooklyn Chipotle parking garage where officer Martins assaulted her and both policemen constrained her to have oral sex.

“This approves what my customer has dependably said – that she was grabbed, bound, ruthlessly assaulted and after that tossed onto the road by two on-obligation officers,” the casualty’s lawyer told the Post. “We would anticipate that the police official will make quick move in terminating these two officers.

Also, we ask for that such an excess of disgracing and spreading of the casualty of this awful assault be halted quickly. We anticipate the conviction of these people.”

At the point when the stupendous jury restored their arraignment, the lady who squeezed the charges against the officers adulated the charges from Twitter account under the assumed name Anna Chambers.

The cops confront at least three years and a most extreme of 25 years in jail on the off chance that they are indicted. They are presently suspended without pay and are booked to hand themselves over at some point right on time one week from now. The cops included have more than once told their partners that the sex was consensual.

Obviously, just a cop could trust that a bound adolescent captured for medicate ownership can hardly wait to engage in sexual relations with a cop.

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