4th Woman Abby Patterson Missing After 3 Women Found Dead in North Carolina

4th Woman Abby Patterson Missing After 3 Women Found Dead in North Carolina

Experts are hunting down a 20-year-old lady who has not been seen since getting in a dark colored Buick outside her family’s Lumberton home on Sept. 5.

Abby Patterson was around the local area from Florida going to her mom for a few days when she vanished a month prior, as per a Fox News report. She purportedly disclosed to her mom she’d return in a hour when she moved into the auto on East Ninth Street and stayed away forever.

Police keep on investigating the passings of three other ladies whose bodies have been recuperated in a similar range of Lumberton since the spring. The groups of Christina Bennett, 32, and Rhonda Jones, 36, were both found April 18. Police found the group of Megan Oxendine, 28, on June 3.

Lumberton police Chief Michael McNeill said it is vague whether there is an association between the passings.

“We’re requesting assistance from the group,” McNeill disclosed to Fox News. “Somebody who might be listening has data we require.”

However, a Lumberton police chief appeared to be persuaded Patterson’s vanishing isn’t identified with the three ladies not long ago.

“While there is dependably a probability, we are 99 percent beyond any doubt the case isn’t identified with the females this spring and late-spring,” Capt. Terry Parker told WNCN.

Police purportedly have recognized a man last observed with Patterson and keep on talking with him.

Family and companions of Patterson are putting forth a $5,000 compensate for data that prompts her being found. Anybody with data can call the Lumberton Police Department at 910-671-3846.

Patterson is portrayed as 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds with dark colored hair and darker eyes.

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