5 Teenagers Charged With Murder in Interstate 75 in Ohio

5 Teenagers Charged With Murder in Interstate 75 in Ohio

Police accused five young people of murder on Monday, Oct.23, blaming them for dropping a stone from an expressway bridge and killing a 32-year-old father of four.

Kyle Anger, Alexander Miller, Mark Sekelsky, Mikadyn Payne, and Trevor Gray are accused of second-degree kill as grown-ups, Fox 2 revealed. The youngsters are relied upon to be summoned tomorrow.

Prior to the charges were documented before today, police said that few teenagers had been captured, as per the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office.

Outrage is 17 yet the periods of alternate youngsters are as yet hazy.

Kenneth White was driving his truck home to Mount Morris on Oct. 18 when a stone smashed through his windshield and executed him.

The episode happened on the Dodge Road bridge on I-75 in Vienna Township around 80 miles north of Detroit.

Four different autos struck vast shakes out and about and were sitting tight for police to arrive. The sheriff’s office trusts the stones found at the scene may have been taken from somewhere else and tossed from the Dodge Road bridge.

White was the father of four, nearby media announced. The most youthful was 5 years of age.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with burial service costs for White.

White’s friends and family are in stun.

“He was carrying on with his life. He wasn’t doing anything incorrectly. He was getting back home to his family, and as a result of them, he didn’t influence it to home,” White’s sister-in-law Kristina Cagle disclosed to Fox 2.

“These children … Couldn’t they simply go skip shakes on the stream or something as opposed to accomplishing something so silly? They took away some individual’s dad, someone’s child, and we’re never going to recover that,” Cagle proceeded. “On account of a joke. Due to some sort of trick turned out badly or whatever. It’s no snickering issue. No one’s chuckling.”

White had a huge family and relatives are going from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina to say goodbye to the youthful father.

“Not all the more so why, but rather what were they considering? Did it even make a difference to them? It simply influenced a few people’s lives, yet he was an incredible father. He was Kenneth, and we will miss him,” Cagle said.

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