9 Year Old Girl Dead After 325 Pound Cousin Sister Sit on Her As Punishment

9 Year Old Girl Dead After 325 Pound Cousin Sister Sit on Her As Punishment

A 9-year-old Florida girl dead after her 325-pound cousin allegedly sat on her as a discipline for acting “wild.”

Dericka Lindsay, of Pensacola, went into heart failure Saturday after she whined she couldn’t breath when her 64-year-old cousin Veronica Green Posey sat on her, the Pensacola News Journal detailed.

Paramedics reacted to the scene and the 9-year-old young lady was hurried to Baptist Hospital, where she was articulated dead.

Posey told appointees that she sat on the young lady in a rocker to teach her for “being wild.”

When she stood up, she found the young lady was inert and begun CPR, as indicated by the Pensacola News Journal.

Posey, who told officers she weighed 325 pounds, was captured and accused of manslaughter and remorselessness toward a youngster.

Dericka’s folks were likewise charged after the occurrence. Beauty Smith, 69, and James Smith, 62, confront charges of youngster disregard for neglecting to report the mishandle.

Furthermore, Grace Smith was accused of remorselessness toward a youngster.

Each of the three were arrested at Escambia County Jail.

Posey was discharged Monday on $125,000 bond, while Grace and James Smith stayed in prison, as per court records.

Florida Department of Children and Families said the office is examining Dericka’s passing.

“Dericka’s demise is shocking and DCF will keep planning with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office to consider anybody in charge of her passing responsible,” Secretary Mike Carroll said in an announcement.

“As the family has an earlier connection with the tyke welfare framework, a careful quality affirmation survey will be led to audit every earlier collaboration this family has had with the kid welfare framework.”

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